The Experience: A Three-Part Journey - RISE Festival

The Experience

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For our 10-year anniversary, we are making RISE even bigger and better.

RISE is more than the World’s Largest Sky Lantern Ceremony; it’s a sequential adventure, unfolding in three distinct settings on the incredible Jean Dry Lake Bed in the Mojave Desert.

As day turns to night, we move en masse across the desert, from one location to the next. Each space is unique, imprinted with its own feel, sound, and energy.



The Art Walk is where we begin our transition from the busy, hustle and bustle of modern life and breathe in the beauty of the spectacular Jean Dry Lake Bed.

As we walk among inspiring art pieces by world famous artists, the setting sun coloring the mountains of the Mojave Desert offers a sense of peace and possibilities.

In the distance, we can see RISE Meditation Halos awaiting us. They are an oasis of sorts, relaxing desert lounges. Here we sink into soft seats, soak in the surrounding scenery, take a deep breath, and ground ourselves.

The Compass

The Compass is the centerpiece of RISE, the site of our signature Sky Lantern Ceremony. The venue itself is a visual cue, inviting us to find our bearings, reflect on where we are, and chart a path to where we want to go.

With live music, gourmet food, and elevated drinks, it offers a place for connection, community, and gratitude.

It’s also a space for reflection. An ideal time to set intentions, express appreciation for loved ones and dedicate our sky lanterns.

As dusk deepens and daylight fades into the indigo sky, we light our lanterns and release them to the heavens. Tens of thousands of personal stories float gracefully above and eventually shimmer as one.

The experience is deeply personal, but also profoundly connective. A collective act of wonder that unites friends, family, and strangers in reverence, awe, and a powerful sense of collective accomplishment.

As the last lanterns drift into the night sky, our final venue calls, beckoning us with sound and light.

The Horizon

The Horizon is where we DANCE.

This final phase of RISE is a time to release and celebrate life with music from legendary artists in the expansive desert landscape.

With stars shimmering in the sky above and elevating music flowing everywhere, we are immersed in a magical dance of light and sound.

The Horizon stage is a perfect complement to the Mojave’s surreal beauty, an exceptional place for an unforgettable transcendent dance party filled with joy.

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RISE is more than a festival of Art, Music, and Light.

We’re a community of kindred spirits bringing light into this world.

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