Festival Sustainability: Our Approach - RISE Festival

“Leave it better than we found it”

We are honored to host RISE at Jean Dry Lake Bed and are committed to leaving the landscape better than we found it.

After each event, we work in partnership with Leave No Trace to ensure that the lake bed and surrounding environment thrive and benefit from RISE.

Our Approach

Mindful Matter

We use sustainable materials whenever possible. All of our sky lanterns, packaging, cups, and plates are either compostable or biodegradable.

Land Stewardship

After the event we retrieve all of our biodegradable lanterns from the surrounding desert. We also collect 1-2 tons of pre-existing litter that we find on Jean Dry Lake Bed.

Waste Reduction

Every year we find new ways to reduce waste. Here’s a few of the steps we’ve taken to soften our impact: free water refill stations, digital tickets, and minimal packaging on lanterns and festival merchandise.


Despite our best efforts, some carbon impact is inevitable so we purchase carbon offsets to minimize our carbon footprint as much as possible. And we encourage our guests to purchase carbon offsets for their travel to and from the festival if possible.

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RISE is more than a festival of Art, Music, and Light.

We’re a community of kindred spirits bringing light into this world.

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