RiSE Mojave 2021 Covid-19 Policies

In an effort to ensure a safe and enjoyable event, and following all CDC and Nevada state guidelines, the following policies will help ensure your safety while at RiSE. Please take a moment to review our new Covid Safety Policies below:

Proof of vaccination or negative covid test

This year we will be requiring proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test taken up to 72 hours prior to entry.  We will accept a physical copy or photo of your covid test or vaccination card along with matching ID (kids are not required to show ID). Please remember that data service is unreliable on site so digital proof needs to be stored to your phones physical hard drive.


Masks must be worn at the ticket gates, in lines, and while making purchases. Masks are required when riding on the shuttles. They are not required at any other time.

Torch spacing

We’re fortunate to have an expansive venue that allows us ample room to safely experience RiSE. This year we will be adding more torches and spacing them 11 feet apart to ensure your group can gather around your own torch at a safe distance from others. We ask that you identify and claim a torch for your group by simply sliding the handle of one of your ground mats over your torch and linking the rest of your mats together using the velcro tabs on the mat.

Expanded dining areas

We are expanding the dining areas this year and adding a half dozen large shade tents to create significantly more shaded areas and dining venues. Tables will be spaced apart and arranged to safely accommodate your group at your own table, safely distanced from others. 

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