RiSE elevates hope, ignites dreams, and creates memories you will never forget.

It’s a centuries-old idea that’s both simple and powerful. Thousands of lanterns, each representing a hope, a dream, a new leaf, or a forgotten wish coming together to form something beautiful.

Your lantern means something unique to you. But together they give a collective voice to our dreams and challenges in a beautiful display—and one unforgettable evening.

RiSE is both an amazing experience and a spiritual journey wrapped into one…

…It happens when thousands of lanterns, each representing a hope, a dream, a new leaf, or a forgotten wish coming together to form something beautiful.


RiSE is a complete experience that begins the moment you arrive. And we’ve carefully designed every detail to enhance that experience.


The evening begins with live music by handpicked local artist that are as much participants as performers. It’s not a concert, our goal is to create the right ambiance for you to relax, eat, drink, and visit with friends as you prepare for your lantern release. During this time you’ll also personalize your lantern with a message, a prayer, a dream, or a resolution.


After sunset, we’ll light our lanterns together and send them skyward. We’ll send the first round of lanterns off in unison. After that you and your friends will continue releasing lanterns at your own tempo for the next two hours.


Gourmet food, Lagunitas beer, and wine will be available for purchase throughout the evening.

Kids and Families

Families and children are a big part of what makes RiSE an amazing experience. With thousands of flaming lanterns filling the sky we’ve taken precautions to make sure children stay safe. Our Family Section is set aside for groups with kids 10 an under. Extra staff members will be scattered throughout this section to help families light lanterns and keep a watchful eye.


Are the lanterns safe?

Yes. But with any open flame, there is a possibility to burn yourself if you aren’t careful when lighting and releasing your lanterns. However, once the lanterns are airborne, they are completely safe.

Are the lanterns biodegradable?

The lanterns are 100% biodegradable. We will recover 100% of the lanterns plus any additional litter we find in the landing area as part of
our commitment to leaving no trace.

Can I bring my own sky lanterns?

To keep you and the environment safe, we only allow approved RiSE sky lanterns into the festival. If you want additional lanterns, you can purchase them at the event.

Can I write on my sky lantern?

Absolutely. RiSE becomes more meaningful when you make your lanterns personal. Inscribe them with a message, prayer, or resolution. We’ll provide you with the right type of markers to make sure your lanterns aren’t damaged in the process.

Can I light my lanterns if I’m attending alone?

Yes, but you’ll need to be friendly and recruit someone sitting near you to help. The lanterns require 2-3 people to launch.

What happens in the case of inclement weather?

In the event of rain or strong sustained winds, we will have a rain-check event the following night. In the unlikely even that inclement weather continues, we will cancel the event. Unfortunately we cannot issue refunds if the event is cancelled.

Can I bring a bag?

Sure. Security will check bags before you enter the venue for drugs, alcohol, outside food, and weapons.

Am I allowed to bring my own food and beverages?

Outside water is permitted. No food or alcohol beverages will be permitted from outside the venue. Food and alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase at the venue.

How will I receive my ticket?

Tickets will be sent out electronically at the time of purchase and will be scanned on site.

Can I get a refund?

Because we reserve space, material, and lanterns in advanced based on ticketed participants, we can’t offer refunds. Please verify your travel arrangements before registering.


For details on your specific city event, please click on that city in the locations map below.



Sustainability is creating an event that means just as much for the environment as it does for our participants.

RiSE Festival is a celebration of the life, joys, dreams, hopes, and blessing of each participant. Those are all unique, but something we all share is a love for the planet. That’s why it’s our responsibility to leave no trace—and it’s a responsibility we take seriously.


RiSE Festival has a “Leave No Trace” policy. We’re able to retrieve 100% of the lanterns, and because each lantern is 100% biodegradable, sustainability is something we achieve with every event.


Additionally, we purchase carbon offsets for every vehicle we use in the setup and cleanup of the festival, and we encourage participants to purchase carbon offsets for their travel to and from the festival.


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